Rosolina Mare is full of attractions and activities.
  • Address : str. della Boccavecchia - Porto Caleri
  • PHONE : 0426 68408
  • Info : April to September, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 7pm. Admission is €2.50 and guided tours can be ordered between 10:30 and 16:30.

Botanical Garden of Porto Caleri

An untouched corner of nature where you can admire a multitude of bird species, rare species of amphibians and dense vegetation characterized by 220 plants submerged in the pine forest, dunes, ponds, beach and lagoon of Caleri. Walking along the paths of the botanical garden will make you breathe in the scents of nature and bring home memorable photos of a unique landscape.

  • Type: Seabed
  • Address : Chioggia - seabed

Tegnue from Chioggia

At depths of 15 to 40 meters, the most extensive and best-known formations are those off Chioggia. Tegnue are organ genic carbonate rocks, i.e. built up by marine organisms, generally overlying previous hard substrates formed to consolidate sands. Divers diving here can appreciate the great variety of life forms that populate these sea beds, unique in the Mediterranean. Particularly striking for their shapes and colors are sponges, colonial ascidians and anemones. The rocks are teeming with oysters and crustaceans, from tiny pagodas to majestic lobsters. Among the fish, a multitude of species can be seen, including Parablennius incognitus (burbot), Chromis chromis, Serranus hepatus and Scorpia marina, not to mention sea eels and Sciaena umbra.

  • Address : Foce dell’Adige - 583H+8C Rosolina Mare, Rosolina RO
  • Info : Always open, free entry

Foce Dell'Adige Panoramic Tower

Panoramic steel tower, 16 meters high and accessible at the end of the Adige cycling trail right. From the top you can see the exact point where the river meets the sea, the mouth of the Adige River on one side and the Adriatic Sea on the other. At the base of the structure are some wooden tables and benches ideal for a nice picnic. It has been considered among the 10-best works in the Veneto region.

  • Address : Via delle Valli - Rosolina
  • Info : Always open

Via delle Valli

Via delle Valli is a nature trail of about 12 kilometers that allows you to admire, better by bike, a landscape of land, water and uncontaminated nature. Along the way you can see fishermen’s wooden huts and so-called “casoni di valle”, former manor houses and now comfortable places to stay frequented during the hunting season.

  • Type: LUNA PARK
  • Address : str. della Boccavecchia - Porto Caleri
  • Info : Open in the evening; cost depending on the carousel

Luna Park Piazzale Europa

At Piazzale Europa there is an amusement park with all kinds of rides, a place ideal for a fun evening out for the kids.

  • Address : S.s Romea 510/b - Chioggia

Clodi' Business Park

Strategically located on SS Romea, on the edge of Chioggia, is a complex with a Hypercoop, a bar, a restaurant and six shops for shopping.


Porto Shopping Centre

A shopping center offering a varied selection of shopping areas, with over 40 shops, including major brands from different sectors. The center is also a comfortable and welcoming meeting point for strolling, eating and enjoying leisure time.