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The territory of the Po River Delta Biosphere Reserve is a Natural Park set on a 180 km 2 territory where you can live, one of the most important wetlands in Europe, an oasis immersed in History, Nature and Landscape that conveys a desire for adventure and discovery. The Po Delta must be experienced with all 5 senses, a territory in perennial balance between Earth, Water, Human and Nature.
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Fine sand and large spaces are a prerogative of the Rosolina Mare location. Natural beaches that preserve one of the unique coastal habitats remaining for some species of flora and fauna, next to which are located modern seaside resorts that promise relaxation and fun for all.
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Who experiences Rosolina Mare experiences Culture, Sport and Fun. In the locality and its surroundings, you can spend unique moments, true experiences, which allow anyone to have an unusual holiday. Museums, parks, sports centres and much more... Everything is just waiting to be discovered.
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Rosolina Mare's strategic location between Venetian, Estense and ancient influences means you can breathe an air of history in the surroundings. Chioggia, Adria, Venice, Padua and Ferrara are just a few examples of a past worth discovering and a modernity worth experiencing.
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